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Minerals of the lead and zinc ore deposit Mežica


The book is printed in Slovene, English and German!


112 pages · book size 17 x 22 cm

240 photos and 30 drawings

price: 19.50 EUR



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The book 'Minerals of the lead and zinc ore deposit Mežica' is a first comprehensive overview of mining history, geology and mineralogy of the Mežica mine (Carinthia, Slovenia), where during 350 years of mining, over 1000 km of tunnels, used for ore tracking and transportation, were excavated together with several hundred kilometers of stopes and mine workings on the existing ore bodies. Nowadays, a large number of surface pits and over 300 mine adits are still visible in the upper sections of the Meža-valley ore deposit. The most abundant mineral of more than 2000 m deep oxidation zone is wulfenite, which has been mined as a molybdenum ore. According to the available data over 80.000 tons of wulfenite in form of well crystallized specimens were smelted! The Mežica mine became famous for the unusual pyramidal and bipyramidal wulfenite crystals. On this material two types of wulfenite twins were identified and named after their localities as the Igrèevo- and the Doroteja-Law of twinning. Today, Mežica is known as one of the world's richest wulfenite deposits and one can barely find a major mineralogical collections or museums that does not have at least one specimen from this classic Slovenian locality. This richly illustrated monograph has over 240 high-quality photographs of superb older and also new specimens collected during 2005-2010 in the frame of a research project guided by the author.

Dr. Aleksander Reènik, the author

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